27 October 2023

Children put on a play and young people came together for discussions. Does that sound like church? Sure, if you can go on a journey with Joseph, start the new school year with God, and explore your faith.

Children point the way

There was also this: an annual Sunday School play. The children of the Randburg district in South Africa put on the play “The Journey of Joseph”. The play was staged as a communal activity. Each congregation put their own spin on the story through different interpretations of the music.

The little actors had enormous fun—on stage and in the audience. District Elder Chetty participated in the last event, which was a singalong for all the attendees. He thanked the organisers, the children, and the parents.

Starting the new school year with God

Unusual friends welcomed the children—and adults—of the Madrid congregation to a very special divine service. At the entrance to the church there was a puppet theatre to give the children a playful welcome. The purpose of the divine service was to help prepare the new generation for the start of the new school year after the long holidays.

The whole thing was organised by the congregation’s teachers. They had also set up the rooms and prepared the materials for the four age groups: Pre-Sunday and Sunday School, as well as religious instruction and confirmation classes.

After the divine service, the first religious instruction and confirmation class of the current year took place. This was followed by another feast and the children were able to tuck into cake and popcorn.

The first Day of the Youth after years

The young people in Togo had made many plans for the year 2020, and then everything ground to a halt because of Covid. Again and again planned events were cancelled because of the pandemic—until this summer. On 26 and 27 August the young people were finally able to come together for their DOTY. The youth of the Togo 1 district came together for the weekend in the central church of Hédzranawoé, located in the capital Lomé.

The two days were packed with activities. There were quizzes that put everyone’s biblical knowledge to the test. There were workshops and discussions on various topics, and those with an aptitude for music were able to show their skills in performances by the choir and orchestra. Apostle Ablam Degbe took questions from the young people about the New Apostolic doctrine and answered them gladly. He was also the one who conducted the divine service for the young people on Sunday.