Apostle Odili at the altar and District Evangelist Osasuyi during the divine servic
12 November 2021

The GRA congregation in (Benin North district) in South Working Area in Nigeria had the joy, on Sunday, November 7, 2021, to receive their Apostle (Apostle Odili) for the divine service for the departed.

A text word from John 2:5, was used to them on this occasion: His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it

Apostle Odili admonished the brethren to be gracious in words and such words should be helpful to their neighbors. He said God blesses efforts and effort should be made to use the right words that can edify the church and the people around, seeking to be solution to problems as Mary did in wedding feast at Cana.

The Apostle pleaded with the members of the congregation to be prepared to intercede for their loved ones in the realm of the departed as they are grouped in two categories, the redeemed and unredeemed. He said there is life after death and everyone should be prepared to fight against the everlasting death (1corithians 15:29) as God's will is to redeem everyone including those in the realm of the departed and members must continue to offer special prayers to God on behalf of the dead so as to spread the word of God to the yonder realm.

He encouraged the brothers and sisters in the congregation to follow the instructions of our Lord Jesus, just as Jesus Mother said in the text word used for the divine service.

He added that members should follow the new way of doing things by trusting in the power of Jesus Christ, following Christ and obeying God in their daily living.

With more insightful words about the service for the departed as celebrated in New Apostolic Church. He said: Sacraments and prayers for forgiveness of sin, brothers and sisters in the congregation can be able to help those in the realm of the departed. However, the intercession is not to force God to save anyone but a prayer of love that God will hear and have compassion on mankind.

District Evangelist Edomwonyi Osasuyi and Shepherd Ugolor David were called to assist during the divine service.