Lead Apostle Nwogu being welcomed at Four Towns central church Uyo by the Sunday School
9 November 2021

After the concert in the evening on Saturday 16th, the lead apostle Nwogu’s visit to South Central climaxed on Sunday, 17th, with a festive divine service at the Four Towns Central Church Uyo with 688 in attendance.

In this divine service, the Lead Apostle read a text word from Acts 12: 7 "Now behold, an angel of the Lord stood by him, and a light shone in the prison; and he struck Peter on the side and said " Arise quickly " And the chains fell off his hands."

Elaborating on the event that led to Peter's incarceration and how God heard the prayers of the faithful by sending angel to his rescue.

The lead apostle said: We praise God for His great deeds.  We testify of this by showing trust in Him in our trials, sorrows, afflictions and disappointments.

Serve God tirelessly, persist in brotherly love and be resolute in your faith.

We ask God to grant us His grace in our moment of despair and uncertainty and lead us to His glory.

He reminded all that the light that was shone in the prison makes all the difference.

According to him, this light are:  the eternal messages of salvation from the apostolate, fellowship, intensively prayers and sacraments.
He stressed that the light of the gospel dispelled anger, envy, bitterness and lovelessness.
Other habits that this light dispelled includes egoism, doubt, unbelief, hatred and indifference.
Lead Apostle Nwogu cautioned that these habits if not check imprisoned our souls and remote us away from God.

Jesus sent His Apostles to proclaim salvation to mankind and to teach them.
The Apostles contribute to our joy by inviting us to align our lives to the teaching of Christ.

Three Apostles accompanied the Lead Apostle in this divine service, Apostles Ekpenyong, Ibekwe and Onwukwe. They were all called to assist.

Two District Ministers were retired, three District Leaders appointed and six District Delegates were assigned a crossed the three Apostle Areas.