A joyful youth with a cup of moi,moi (beans) during the bazaar
29 September 2021

The visit of Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu to West Working Area of Nigeria from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th September 2021 was a great relief to our brethren who were saddened occasioned by the cancellation of planned visit of our District Apostle Michael Enrich to Nigeria due to stringent measures on Covid -19 by the Nigerian authorities.

The Lead Apostle on arrival in Lagos on Friday held a meeting with Priestly ministers preparatory to their appointments as District Rectors and those to be assigned as District Rectors Delegates.

Serving in the mind of Christ

At the meeting the Lead Apostle charged them to align their lives to the goal of our faith, urging them to serve in the mind and love of Christ.

He pleaded with them not to betray the confidence reposed on them but endeavor to care and strengthen the bride of Christ by giving them meat in due season.

The visit which coincided with the West Area Mini Youth convention gave the Lead Apostle opportunity to attend a food bazaar with the young people on Saturday morning. A program organized as a means of feeding the youths throughout the summit.

In the afternoon, the Lead Apostle in the company of the host, Apostle Oscar Nwanza, Bishop Adelabu and the Area Youth Leader, District Evangelist Richard had interactive sessions with the youths on topical church issues.

The youths ended the day with indoor and outdoor activities where various gifts and talents were discovered.

The visit climaxed on Sunday 26th, with a festive divine service at the central Church, Ikeja, Lagos.

Lead Apostle Nwogu read a text word from Matthew 24; 40 – 41 "Then two men will be in the field: one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding at the mill: one will be taken and the other left.”

In his exhortation, he said our Lord and Master is coming at a time no one expects and as such faith and love are necessary for our preparation.

He posed a question: 'will you be ready, when He shall come?'
Continuing, the Lead Apostle said, when He is coming should not be our concern rather our preparedness should be paramount.

He urged all to love God and our neighbour, strengthen our faith, fight sin and prepare ourselves with word and sacrament.

Two men in the field

Lead Apostle Nwogu said the image of the church of Christ in our time is portrayed in the above illustrations. He reiterated that the work of salvation is still on and the condition of the church will not stop Christ from coming.

He went on: His desire is to save and those who are baptized.  sealed and partake worthily of His body and blood are waiting for His imminent return.

Furthermore, God loves us and wants to grant us eternal life and guide us to the glorious goal.

To this, true faith is much more than culture, religion, belief or being judgmental.

The appearance of Jesus

Concluding, the Lead Apostle said God will reward our intentions and efforts not necessarily our results when Jesus appears and therefore pleaded with all to work out our salvation with fear and trembling by making efforts to be like Him.

More so, work tenaciously to inherit His promises by watching and praying for His appearance, this will grant us grace in His sight and we shall ascend with Him"

Apostle Oscar Nwanza and Bishop Adelabu served along. Eight District Rectors were appointed and eight District Rectors Delegates were also assigned responsibilities.