District Elder Alain Serge Leghanza first from left, with the center's administrators before the visit
9 September 2021

More than 50 children and adults marched at the National Headquarters of the Neo-Apostolic Church in Gabon, located north of Libreville in the Gabonese capital, on June 19, 2021, for a celebration of the National Sunday School Day organized by the New Apostolic Church of Gabon.

Children and their parents, Sunday school teachers and ministers marched behind a banner promoting National Sunday School Day with the slogan “Christ our future”.

To start the day, District Elder Alain Serge Leghanza addressed all participants with a message from the Chief Apostle.

In his message, the district elder said, “The gospel of Christ is the foundation on which we build our family life and our relationship with our neighbor, Chief Apostle Schneider's New Year's address.

It is with this word that the New Apostolic Church of Gabon will organize the 7th National Sunday School Day, he concluded.

Beyond the hymns, poems, Bible contests and games organized in the various districts of the country, in particular in Libreville, the event was marked by the visit of an orphanage and children in social difficulty at the reception center of 'Angondjé.

Various gifts of clothing and food products were offered to them by the children and mothers, under the aegis of district elder LEGHANZA Alain Serge, the lead district elder for the New Apostolic Church of Gabon.

It was in an atmosphere of great joy.