District Apostle Michael Ehrich during the divine service
19 July 2021

Sunday July 18th, 2021 was a special day as most brethren in New Apostolic Church Nigeria were able to join other thousands of brothers and sister in South Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia, the Ukraine, in the Persian Gulf region as well as many countries in East and West Africa.

With a text word taken from Acts 2:42
“And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. “

The District Apostle asked all to remain steadfastly in the apostle’s doctrine

In his message, the District Apostle said:

The Apostles doctrine is the doctrine of Jesus Christ. We need to be rooted in it.
All ministers and children of God must do everything with God. We must promote the doctrine of Christ and His gospel. The doctrine shows us how important it is to have fellowship, continue in the breaking of bread and in prayers. This is of fundamental importance to our faith.

District Apostle went on to elaborate the core thoughts of the text word:

Continue steadfastly in fellowship.
Those who are steadfast in fellowship will not work their own way.
They would follow the steps of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him. Those who remain in fellowship are oriented and focused on Jesus and remain connected in the community of the children of God.  Fellowship is important to Mankind. We cannot reach our eternal goal without fellowship. We strengthen and help each other when we remain in fellowship and it fosters love.

Continue steadfastly in the breaking of bread.
When we celebrate Holy Communion steadfastly, we receive the spirit of Jesus.
We celebrate Holy Communion in remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
We receive strength through the Holy Communion. We must remain steadfast in this.

Continue steadfastly in prayers
Those who remain steadfast in prayers experience God. We have some experiences of faith. This shows how God Has reacted and answered our prayers. At times God may not change the situation but He gives us strength. Prayer is very important in the life of God’s children. Our prayers for each other delivers unbelievable strength. Let’s be steadfast in prayers. Steadfastness is a crown of good deeds. Faith, Hope and Love should be products of our steadfastness and the crown of our virtue as Christians.

In conclusion, the District Apostle said: May God give us the strength and power to continue steadfastly and to experience Him, that He can finish His work and send His Son, and those who look steadfastly unto Jesus and try their best honestly to remain steadfast, He will accept them in grace on the day of the Lord, when He comes.

Apostle Martin Schnaufer (Apostle Area Freiburg / Tübingen) as well as Apostle Manfred Schönenborn and Bishop Arne Herrmann (both Apostle Area Heilbronn / Nürnberg) were called to assit during the service.