Apostle Ernest Onwukwe with confirmands after the divine service
8 July 2021

It was a joyful moment for our brethren in Abakaliki District of East Central Area of Nigeria on Sunday, 27th June 2021 as Apostle Ernest Onwukwe conducted a festive divine service with confirmation.

The Apostle who arrived to a rousing reception was very elated to be in the district as 25 young people from various congregations took their vows.
He addressed the congregation on "EGOISM" with a text word from Revelation 3: 17 You say "I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing -  and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked"

Introducing the topic, Apostle Onwukwe said some 2000 years ago, Laodicea was a prosperous financial centre with a flourishing garment industry and advancement in ophthalmology and a home to one of the Christian churches.

Presumably many of its members were wealthy, well dressed with overall good impression.
In the mountains nearby was a health resort centre with a hot spring.

With the above description, one would expect that all was well but a closer look revealed that this facade was deceiving as even the water flowing down was lukewarm and thus not great as it seemed.

In comparison, most of our congregations are lukewarm as the fire of the spirit and of the first love are very nearly extinguished.

The Apostle therefore strongly admonished all about sentiments of feeling that they are rich and have need of nothing rather all should buy gold than can make one truly rich, white garments that can make us truly beautiful and eye salve to make our eyes healthy again.

According to him, many members are suffering from an exaggerated sense of self and inadequate decision making skills, and distanced themselves from Christ in their self-satisfaction.

Those who think of their own prosperity, honour, ego and manner of appearance thereby being indifferent are really poor, naked and blind therefore be coming cold, heartless and rigid as ice block he cautioned.

Concluding that it's comforting to know that Jesus does not give up on us provided we open our hearts to him.