The Apostles, Bishops and the head of seminar after the conference in Lagos
8 May 2021

It was a beautiful evening in Lagos as all the apostles and bishops attended a musical and cultural evening hosted by the Lagos District Choir in the Apostle Gfeller Hall. With a total of eighty choristers, the drama group and dancers elevated their program to the mezzo forte in the presence of their church leaders.

The program, which began with an acapella, followed by an opera and a local dance, caught the attention of the entire audience.

At the end of the program, the Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu thanked the choir, the drama group and the local dancers for their wonderful performances. He reminded everyone that in everything we do, we must focus on our Lord Jesus Christ and His message.
The drama group presented a play on "Christ makes free" our 2020 motto of the year and the opera was about Queen Esther.

Before the musical and cultural evening.  The Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu had presided over the Apostles and Bishop’s Conference which also saw the participation of the National Head of Seminar District elder Pegasin. At the conference, he expressed deep concerns on the negative impact on our various districts and congregations as a result of restrictions brought about by the ravaging corona virus pandemic and tasked them to create ways and activities of reviving these places.

He also urged all the apostles and bishops to go and tell the brethren in their different areas of work to begin praising the name of the Lord. He said: Let all the brothers and sisters undertake to sing to the Lord a new song in their attitudes, character and behavior. He warned that, doubt, arrogance and pride alienate human beings from God and prevent them from praising him.