Reception of Lead Apostle at Nung Atai for the Palm Sunday service
30 March 2021

Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu rounded off his one week apostolic and pastoral care visit to Southern Nigeria with a festive Palm Sunday Divine Service at Nung Atai Congregation in South Central Area.

After expressing his deep thankfulness to God for His unfailing love and abundant grace toward the brethren while welcoming them to the altar of grace.

He admonished them with a word from Matthew 21: 6 "So the disciples went and did as Jesus commanded them'

"Doing what Jesus says”

Addressing the brethren, the Lead Apostle said the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem emphasis that the disciples followed the instruction of Jesus.

Jesus gives instructions, advice and even commands to those who want to be with Him.
These are instructions that are necessary in order to attain salvation.

 The Holy Spirit points out to us how important it is to have fellowship with God but also highlights the significance of fellowship with Apostles for our faith, he stressed.

Continuing he said Jesus Christ went to Jerusalem even though He knew that death awaited Him. He feared the difficult trial that was ahead of Him but His love for mankind and His obedience to God were stronger than fear.

More so, though disciples were filled with fear and perhaps even perplexity when Jesus announced His suffering and death, they continue to follow Him.

He reminded the congregation how Jesus told two of His disciples to go and bring Him the colt of a donkey and they conscientiously heeded the instruction.

Further More, he said, today we live in a special time when many people are distraught and afraid to which we need the Holy Spirit to comfort us:
" Rejoice greatly, oh daughter of Zion....Behold your king is coming.... " Zechariah 9: 9

He also reminded all of Jesus' admonitions, "Let not your heart be troubled, believe in God, believe also in me....” John 14: 1

To believe in God means to trust Him even when we no longer understand His actions; we should seek His Kingdom and righteousness as He knows all our needs.

Concluding, Lead Apostle said the event of salvation is not defined by coincidences, rather by the will of God.

Jesus Christ gives instructions, advice and commandments that serve for salvation to those who want to follow.

Belief in Jesus, the cultivation of spiritual life, and fellowship with the apostolate allows us to attain salvation.

Apostle Effiong Ekpenyong and the host District Elder, Clement Etukudoh served along.