From left to right: District Evangelist George, Apostle Odili, Apostle Nwanza and Communiion Evangelist Clement before the Christmas carol in Warri South Area
6 January 2021

The West African nation of Nigeria is popularly referred to as the Giant of Africa, mostly owing to its widely acclaimed ethnic diversity. It hosts over 250 different cultural groups that speak about 400 different languages. However, there are only three major ethnic groups in the country, which are Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. Christmas in Nigeria brings out the very best of the country and for many, it’s a cherished place to enjoy the thrill of Christmas carnival.

Christmas in Nigeria is a time of great joy when families get together to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. The Christmas season is unarguably the most celebrated one in Nigeria, because the season if filled with love, thanksgiving and good wishes.

In New Apostolic Church in Nigeria it has become a tradition to organize the Christmas carols with Nine lessons alongside songs, hymns, anthems rendered in different languages by choristers.

The year 2020 came with so many surprises as a result of the pandemic of the covid-19, but most Districts in New Apostolic in Nigeria were able to hold their carols with nine lessons.

It was amazing to see so many brethren in the South (Warri district, Benin North and South), North (Jos), South Central (Uyo District), South East (Ikot Ekpene) and The West (Ikeja, Majidun), coming together in their various districts or congregations to celebrate the birth of Christ with carols and nine lessons…

Apostle Goddey Odili of South Nigeria was able to pass a message during the festival of nine lessons and carol in Warri district saying:

“Our reading and carols recall the events surrounding the birth our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  With so much uncertainty, and unrest in our world today, it is all the more important to hear and receive the good news of the hope and promise of God, who sent His son into our world, to bring us peace and joy.  May you all know His peace and His joy this Christmas time”