Transmission service at Effurun congregation South Nigeria
7 December 2020

On Sunday 6th Dec 2020, thousands of brethren in Nigeria and many English speaking countries in Europe, South Asia and Africa were connected on YouTube and IPTV to the live transmission divine service conducted by Chief Apostle In South Germany.

The Chief Apostle read a Text word from Luke 1:68, 74-75: “Blessed is the Lord God of Israel, For He has visited and redeemed His people, To grant us that we, Being delivered from the hand of our enemies, Might serve Him without fear, In holiness and righteousness before Him all the days of our life”

Jesus Christ, My Savior

The Chief Apostle commenced the divine service by welcoming all connected congregations cheerfully to the divine service and reminding them of the importance of advent. He stated that advent is a special time when Christians around the world await the fulfillment of God’s promise to send a savior, to save all Mankind.

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World - My Savior, Your Savior. He wants to save me and you, irrespective of our past and present situations or our status. Whoever we are, we have gotten a savior Jesus Christ.

He wants to defend me! He wants to save me!  This is our Joy.

The salvation of God.

Our Savior Jesus Christ, came to deliver us from the domination of sin, the evil one and to lead us into eternal fellowship with God so that we can be part of the new creation which is made perfect by grace in accordance to the will of God.
In the new creation there will be:
* No more injustice,
* No more disease,
* No more poverty,
* No more death, and
* No more suffering.

We do not know how it will look but we know it is perfect, for God's will is perfect. The place where we will serve God without fear but in holiness all the days of our lives.

Daily we will have a new reason to praise, worship and adore God in eternity. Discovering a new aspect of the Love of God. Knowing that the plan of Salvation is an ongoing process for Jesus Christ has delivered us from the prison of sin and in doing so allowed man access to God.

How do we serve the Lord?
We serve Him in:
* Praise
* Worship
* Adoration
* Through our offerings

We do not go to church every day BUT we can serve God every day in word, action and deed.

Through hardships, trials and tribulations NEVER forget what the Lord has done - Jesus Christ has delivered us through His truth. This is why we should dispel all temptation and obey the laws of God - not out of fear but out of love.

By no means are we forced to subject ourselves to the evil one - We can say NO, I will obey the laws of God, I will serve Him because I love Him.

Obeying God without fear of punishment because we trust in His Grace - Knowing, that in following the path of Christ Jesus, I cannot go wrong. I will not be deprived of anything for those who do the will of God lives in Harmony with God and experience His peace.

Jesus Christ has also delivered us from our weaknesses and sanctified us with His Spirit. Let us therefore not be fearful for God is with us!

When we do the work of God, do good to our neighbors and support the salvation work of God, not for self-gain but to the honor and Glory of the Lord:

God will bless us. He will abide with us. Our work won't be in vain.

For Jesus Christ also did the work of His Father and did not allow external noises to influence Him, nor did He allow traditions to dictate His actions.

If Christ is my Future and lives in my heart then I speak about it, I live a life that is testimony of my faith.

We are enabled to say no to temptation for Jesus Christ has delivered us from the domination of sin.

Christ is our Future! He is with us and wants to deliver us from the burden of sin. We love Him and we want to serve Him.
Concluding the divine service, the Chief Apostle encouraged the congregation to continue to do the will of God and that Jesus Christ will take His faithful servants to His kingdom, the established kingdom of peace where we will serve the Lord as part of the royal priest Hood-This is our destiny and the way Jesus Christ want to save us. Let us serve him.
District Apostle Michael Ehrich assisted during the divine service.