Apostles and Bishops being received by the youths at the Owerri central church for the concer
19 November 2020

The weekend of 6th - 8th November, 2020 was not only exciting and phenomenal but very glorious as Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu lead all active apostles and bishops in Nigeria with their spouses to Owerri, East Central Area cared for by Apostle Ernest Onwukwe.

Events slated for the weekend included Apostles and Bishops conference, musical concert and a festive divine service, highpoint of the divine service was the conferment of silver wedding anniversary blessings on Apostle Ernest and Sister Chinyere Onwukwe.

The apostles and bishops conference which happened to be the only one for the year accorded them opportunity for deep insight into their callings, responsibilities and appraisals for the year under review.
District Elder Kpegassin (The National Head of Seminars) was also present at the meeting and made so many contributions concerning seminars in Nigeria.

The live musical concert in the evening brought tremendous joy and fulfillment as Lead Apostle expressed deep thankfulness and appreciation on behalf of all the visitors to the organizers.

“Love breeds obedience”

The event climaxed with a festive divine service on Sunday 8th, at the Central Church, Owerri in Imo State.

The service conducted under strict Covid-19 protocols brought great blessings not only to the celebrants but all who were in attendance and the entire working area.

Lead Apostle Nwogu addressed the congregation with a text word from John 14: 23 "Jesus answered and said to him, If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word: and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him"

"Welcome to the altar of the Lord in our time of grace. A place of peace, love, mercy and comfort.   Welcome to the fountains of purity"

With these deep words and feelings, Lead Apostle Nwogu, who was highly delighted, welcome all to the service.
He said this was direct words of Jesus Christ, who spoke about the significance of love. That love breeds obedience, fear of God and convey security on us.

He elaborated more on the love of God. When we love God, we will obey and fear Him and this will convey security on us, even in the midst of darkness, uncertainty and hopeless situation.

He further highlighted that, we can only prove our love for God by:
- keeping his word and ordinances.
- fighting sin and evil.
- loving one another even our enemies.
- forgiving one another.

He reechoed that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and that, Jesus is the mediator of the new covenant and as such the apostolic message is a message of grace and love.
He cautioned that no sinner nor wriggled congregation will be allowed into the kingdom of God.

'If we want God to make a home with us, we must love him unconditionally, for love is what begotten us, we should, therefore love He who begats’ he concluded.

Apostles Augustine Rotimi from Northern Nigeria and Chima Ibekwe of Mid-east areas assisted at the altar.
A priest and four deacons were ordained, while 367 brethren attended the divine service.

A conferment of a silver wedding anniversary blessings on Apostle Ernest Onwukwe and wife, Chinyere rounded off the service.
The lead Apostle, who spoke glowingly about the couple wish them more joy and God's richest blessings for their future life.
He blessed them with a word from Philippians 4 :4 "Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I say rejoice!"
Admonishing them in their everyday life to give thanks and be joyful for God to continue to strengthen them.
The event was witnessed by many dignitaries and guests, who also wish the celebrants well.