Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu
5 August 2020

Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu led a live stream divine service on Sunday 2nd August 2020 was from Abuja Central Church congregation, Nigeria. He was assisted by Apostle Augustine Rotimi.

Speaking on the core message of Jesus taking care of all our worries, both spiritual and physical, he read a bible text word from 1 Peter 5:7, “...casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you”.

In his elaboration the Lead Apostle said:

Cast all your cares upon the Lord
Our Lord want to save us from all cares because where there are cares and worries we cannot be perfected. Let us listen to the Lord’s instruction and cast all our worries and burdens upon Him for He cares for us.

Care for material things

Though we have cares for material things which we need, we should not allow it to disrupt our relationship with God and block our views for our Salvation. Let us humble ourselves, obey His commandments and put our trust in the Lord. Let us realize it is God’s grace and His grace alone we depend upon. Let us know that God knows our need.
Care for our Salvation
As children of God, we must also care for our salvation. The spirit of God reminds us we are not of this place. The Lord wants us to care about our salvation and not to be anxious because we cannot do anything by our own strength. Our salvation is in God’s hands. We cannot offer ourselves salvation. It is by act of grace that we are saved. Our duty is to believe in the power and the Love of God and then our Heavenly Father will prepare us, give us grace and His loving kindness.
The care for our fellow human being and those around us
It is good to think about ourselves and others but it is not God’s will that we allow this care to impinge on our salvation. Let us humble ourselves and put our trust in the Lord so that He will help our neighbours. Only Christ can help and save our loved ones.
Believe in the Love of Jesus Christ
We cannot compare our love with that of our Lord Jesus Christ. He loves our neighbours more than we do. He remains faithful in our unfaithfulness and wants all Men to be saved. What does the Lord want from us?  He wants us to pray for our neighbours, show them love, show them examples in our attitude and let them know they are loved by God.
Cares for the Church of Christ
We have cares concerning the future of the church of Christ. We worry, blame Christ and tell Him to save His Church. It is God who has called us and He is doing much for us. Let us trust Him and put all our hope in Him.
Concluding the sermon, the Lead Apostle told the congregation to accept the blessings of God, hold the hands of our brothers and sisters in love, then God will lead us to the goal of our faith.