Face masks made by some youth in the Central Church Ikeja West Nigeria
25 July 2020

Humanity is facing grave and uncertain crises as the corona virus pandemic ravages the entire human race cutting across religion, tribe, language and colour. This unseen enemy demands global co-operation, integration and partnership, as it is a wakeup call for all humanity to reunite in order to fight this common enemy.

Governments at all levels, religious and social organizations, world over have risen to the challenges of this virus by providing succour. The World Health Organization (WHO) in line with various government agencies of the world have issued strict protocols and guidelines aimed at preventing and curtailing the spread of deadly disease.

In our church in Nigeria, respite came our way as the District Church in South Germany, as part of its corporate social responsibility donated funds for the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and food where necessary to all the eight (8) Apostle Working Areas cared for by Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu.

These areas include West Nigeria, North Nigeria, South Central, South West, South East, South South, Mid-East and South working areas. These items include among other things, water dispensers, alcohol-based sanitizers, face/nose mask, hand gloves and liquid detergents. The Apostles have since distributed these PPEs to their respective District ministers for onward movement to all congregations.

All the Apostles expressed deep thankfulness and appreciation to our District Apostle Michael Ehrich and the humanitarian Aid Organization in Germany for their love and support in these trying moments and promised to ensure proper and effective use of these items.

Addressing Apostles in his letter, the Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu urged them to ensure that members adhere strictly to all approved guidelines to avoid the pandemic and wished that aged members with underlying illnesses should pray at home.

Also speaking, Apostle Nwanza of West Nigeria, pleaded with members to make proper use of all the items, insisting that “all must take responsibility as what affects one will ultimately affect all”. He also reminded them that the west area is the epicenter of the pandemic in Nigeria as they have the highest number of infections in the whole country.

Apostle Ekpenyong of South Central Area equally called on members to observe all laid down health regulations and guidelines insisting that no one should be allowed in service without proper use of face mask. He urged all to turn to God in these dark moments.

This pandemic has humbled everyone irrespective of status, language, colour and race.
In the words of our Chief Apostle, in his Pentecost 2020 message, “It is an eye opener for everyone.”

When we adhere strictly to all approved protocols and health regulations, “Christ will surely make us free”.