The Lead Apostle during the divine service
21 July 2020

The third live stream service transmitted from Nigeria was conducted by the Lead Apostle Nwogu in the Abuja Central Church on the 19th of July 2020.

Just like the second Sunday where one of the Ten Commandments was used as a text word, the Lead Apostle this time used the fifth commandment, Exodus 20:13, “You shall not murder”

In his elaboration, the Lead Apostle thanked God for the special day He has made and admonished the congregation to look inward and search their hearts to see if they are strong in faith and ensure they are truly connected to the altar of grace, to receive blessings from our Heavenly Father.

He added that it is not the will of God for any man to perish but that we should all come to repentance in order to gain eternal life. To achieve this, we must obey the commandments of God.

The purity of God’s commandment
The commandment of God shows us the way of life and gives us peace, joy and comfort when we obey it. The purpose of God’s commandment is not to punish us but to help us live a God fearing life. God expects everyone to obey His commandment no matter the race. He looks into our intention and thoughts and not only the physical manifestation. We must Love God, fear him and honor His commandments.

God is the source of life

Only God can give life. When He became man through Christ, He told us He is the source of life. He is the beginning and the end of every life. No one has the right to take life.  God also will help us enter His kingdom and preserve our lives for all eternity. As Christians, we must renounce Satan in all His works and ways and surrender our lives to the Triune God. This vow is made before God during confirmation and reaffirmed during our baptism and Holy sealing. Let us keep to this vow by obeying the commandments of God.

Resist every act of violence

Lives are destroyed through violence. Be peaceful and desist from anger that leads to sin. We must have a godly countenance and conform to the virtues of God for us to reach the goal of our faith. Let us avoid discord and make peace in our words, in our thoughts, in our actions and through every channel of communication. Live an exemplary life worthy of emulation and show people the way to Christ and Salvation.

Jesus Has conquered death and evil

Jesus Christ has overcome death and evil through His love. It is incumbent that we obey the commandments of God and work with Him. If we keep His commandment it shows that we love Him, we hold His words in high esteem and we are doing His will.
Concluding his sermon, the Lead Apostle said: “Let us place God’s laws in our hearts as we await the return of Christ because when the Lord comes, those who kept His commandment will abide”.

The Lead Apostle was assisted by Apostle Augustine Rotimi from North Working area of Nigeria.