Apostle Effiong Ekpenyong at the altar at Atan Offot
9 July 2020

It was an exciting and blessed moment for the brethren in Atan Offot congregation in Four Towns District on Sunday, 5th July 2020. After over three months of total lockdown as a result of the ravaging corona virus pandemic, Apostle Effiong Ekpenyong of South Central Area of Nigeria, accompanied by a few District Ministers, conducted a festive divine service for the departed.

He admonished them with a text from Acts 4: 12, “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

The Apostle who was highly elated to be reunited with the congregation expressed his deep thankfulness to God for his benevolence and sustenance in these trying times, he urged all to always look unto Jesus as the only source and means of salvation. He reiterated that Jesus Christ brings salvation to both the living and the dead and that the certainty of eternal life is compared with a treasure that we can procure for ourselves by the grace of God.

These treasures include believing in Christ, following in faith, having a humble and repentant heart, receiving the holy sacraments and enduring afflictions till the end. He added that we must give room to the Holy Spirit to teach and clarify to us the message of salvation.

Concerning the departed, he reaffirmed that Jesus Christ is the Lord of both the living and the dead, reminding all that those who had lived a godly life are in the realms of light where peace and security prevails whereas others are in the realms of darkness and torment as a result of their degree of guilt and indifferences. These, he said, are in total remoteness from God.

However, he concluded that Jesus desires all to be saved and come to the knowledge of God. This is possible through our intercession. Apostle Ekpenyong therefore exhorted all to turn to Jesus in all circumstances of life as there is salvation in no other name given under heaven among men by which we must be saved.

The Apostle also pleaded with all to adhere strictly to approved guidelines of the COVID-19 pandemic assuring that God will not forsake us.

District Elders Armstrong Inyang and Uwem Tom assisted at the altar.