District Apostle Michael Ehrich leading the divine service
14 May 2020

In a wonderful divine service where little children performed, District Apostle Michael Ehrich once again shared a word via YouTube to the comfort and joy to many brethren in Nigeria on Sunday, 10th May 2019. He was assisted by Bishop Paul Hepp.

The text word used was Psalm 103: 11, “For as the heavens are high above the earth, so great is His mercy towards those who fear Him”.

The District Apostle used the song presented by the children to explain to the brethren how our Lord Jesus is the gardener who takes care of us like the flowers.

The District Apostle went on to give a Special thanks to Mothers around the world, as they celebrated their day.

He said: “Their compassion and care is appreciated. They always subordinate their personal interest for the good of their children. This also applies to our congregation. Let us put to practice the motherly love. Let us be there for one another in our congregations and care for our neighbours.”

In his message on the bible text of the day the District Apostle said: “God-fearing is the prerequisite to enjoy the grace of God. When we go through tribulations, let us not forget the good things God has done for us. He gave us His Son Jesus Christ. Who died for us, resurrected and brought us close to Him. We are part of the victory of Jesus Christ through His resurrection.”

He continued: “Our fellowship, the richness of the divine service in forgiveness of sins and celebration is not to be taken for granted. Let our brotherly love and fellowship continue. Let us be thankful to God for His Love which we experience in many ways. We are thankful for the promises of Jesus Christ. He is with us always and He is coming to take us home.

God-fearing means we are humble. When Apostle Thomas later realized that Jesus has risen from death, He said ‘my Lord and my God’. He humbled himself.

When we fear God, we recognize Him in His majesty. We see God as our Father and Jesus as our friend. God's help is always available.

A God-fearing person will trust God and know that God acts according to His plan. In the future it becomes clear to us the good plans of God.

To be God-fearing we need to love God with all our hearts and strength and love our neighbours as ourselves. We should be willing to serve God without asking of what we stand to benefit. God-fearing also means having a caring love for others.

When we are God fearing we see things differently. The fear of God in our hearts is stimulated through our experiences of faith. It gives us the orientation that God is alive today and His activities continues like the times of old. We must be the light for others, the District Apostle urged the online congregation in concluding.