Lead Apostle being welcome by the ministers at Ikot Akpan Ntuen
6 March 2020

On Sunday, 1st March 2020, Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu concluded his one week apostolic and pastoral care visit to Southern Nigeria with a festive divine service for the departed at Ikot Akpan Ntuen in Ikot Akpa Idem district.

The Lead Apostle, accompanied by the host, Apostle Enobong Udoh of South West Area and District Elder Armstrong Inyang, arrived to a hearty reception by the ministers led by Bishop Anthony Urom.

He read a text from Romans 14: 9, “For to this end Christ died and rose and lived again, that   He might be Lord of both the dead and the living.”

While welcoming all to the festive divine service, he stressed the importance of the service for the departed by reminding all, how Jesus descended to the realms of the departed after His death to preach to souls in captivity.

Lead Apostle Nwogu regretted the various acts of terrorism across the world today. He assured that with our fervent prayers, longing souls from the yonder world will be led to the altar of grace for salvation.

However, he insisted that salvation for both the living and the dead hangs on these pre-requisites:
* Believing implicitly in Jesus Christ
* Realizing one's sinful nature and having a repentant heart
* Accessing all the holy sacraments in a worthy manner

He further said when these conditions are met, those in the realms of darkness are transferred to the realms of light through our earnest prayers whereas the grace is of the Lord.

He concluded by pleading that we should help our neighbour, including our enemies to access salvation.

Apostle Enobong Udoh, Bishop Anthony Urom and District Elder Armstrong Inyang assisted at the altar. There were 164 souls in attendance.

The service was preceded by a meeting for 30 district rectors the previous day, 29th February 2020, at Abak Township congregation.