The choir before the divine service
10 February 2020

It was a blessed and happy Sunday in G. R. A. congregation of Benin North District on Sunday, 2nd February 2020, where Apostle Odili celebrated a festive divine service with the brethren.

The Apostle served with the above bible text Ephesians 6:25, ‘Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity’

Apostle Odili advised the congregation to sow good virtue so as to reap honour from God. He said God grants grace to those who love Him sincerely. Grace to love God is a gift that God gives us and it encompasses all the gifts needed for our salvation.

He admonished brothers and sisters to believe in the Son of the Living God, conform to His teachings and trust the love of Jesus Christ in all ways. He urged all to continue to trust His Word, His Church, the ministry and the Sacraments. He cited examples of Joseph, Daniel, Shedrack, Abednego, and Meshach who against all odds proved their belief and trust in God and were highly honoured at the end.

He also added that serving God sincerely means loving the Lord Jesus Christ which involves:
* Responding to His love sincerely and showing a willingness to be with Him, and not to be saved from earthly misfortunes;
* Appreciating His teaching and taking pleasure in living them, and not out of fear of punishment;
* Loving those whom He loves and contributing to their happiness within the Church.

He admonished brothers and sisters to aim above morality, living a virtuous life out of love for others.
Called to serve was Apostle Nwanza Kabanga Oscar from West-Nigeria.