District Elder Oehler (Rtd) during the seminar at Lagos
19 December 2019

After the maiden meeting of National Heads of Seminar in Ghana, District Elders Oehler (rtd) and Dinkelacker together with the National Head of Seminar in Nigeria, District Elder Kpegasin travelled to Lagos for a two-day seminar from 25th to 26th of November, 2019.  All the Heads of seminars in each apostle area in Nigeria were invited.

The seminar began with an opening prayer and welcome address after which District Elder Kpegasin introduced the agenda for the 2 days. He took the opportunity to thank each participant for their enthusiasm and willingness to help in the seminar work. He also went introduced District Elder Dinkelacker who was in the country for the first time.

Topics such as, Serving and Leading as well as Resolution of Conflicts among many were treated with a lot of examples and role plays that demonstrated how much the senior tutors have learnt from the coordinator of seminar in West Africa, District Elder Wolfgang Oehler.

Apostle Nwanza Oscar Kabanga then thanked all for their love for the work on seminars and assured them of his support for a better implementation of the curriculum to the grass root.

After the seminar, all the participants took part in a program organized by some youth in Lagos to welcome District Elder Dinkelacker for his first visit to Nigeria and went on to appreciate and thank District Elder Oehler (rtd) on his works and sacrifices even after retirement.

Visit to an island in Lagos

After the second day’s seminar, Tuesday 26th November, Apostle Nwanza took all the participants to an Island in Lagos where they were able to witness and experience a play by the Sunday school children on the paralytic man at the pool of Bethesda. The play, which enacted the stirring of the pool by an angel, was done by the poolside where a child could jump into the pool to stir the water while many could also jump in to get healed.

There were also other presentations by the youth and Sunday school, much to the appreciation of the seminar tutors.