The view of District Apostle Ehrich at the Ikeja Central church Lagos, West Nigeria, during the live stream divine service
1 October 2019

At half past 8, on Sunday 29th September 2019, many congregations in Nigeria were connected live to Germany to participate in the live stream Divine Service conducted by District Apostle Michael Ehrich in our Schwäbisch Hall congregation in Germany.

For those in charge of live streaming in Nigeria, the new technology in the mode of transmission was highly welcomed and encouraging.  This improved access to many congregations because of the simplicity and accessibility of the IPTV.

The District Apostle read a text word from John 12:26, ‘If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also. If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honour.’

In his message, the District Apostle said: “Each divine service is to strengthen the new man in us. This is the aim of this Divine service. If any man serves the Lord, let such person follow Him.”

He continued: “How can we follow The Lord? Some of His disciples at that time even asked what they will receive since they followed and served Him. Today, such a question would have been considered inappropriate.  Yet, Jesus considered their question and gave them the answer, ‘My Father will honour those who serve Him!’ The greatest honour God will grant His servants is to have eternal fellowship with them. We may not fully understand this now, yet to serve and to follow Him means to give our lives to Him. This does not mean leaving our earthly surroundings, no, we still have our family. It means to live for God: To devote our lives to Him.”

He went further to say: “To give accounts of our lives before Him and to fulfill our tasks,
Jesus taught how, where and when to serve Him. To serve, we have to:
* Proclaim the gospel in word and in deed
* To serve by doing good in such a way that one feels the love of God.
* To serve the Lord by supporting the Apostles; Accept the gospel they proclaim and use it to direct our lives, in this way we have fellowship with the Lord. He will honour us!
* Avoid judging our brothers and sisters
* Serve one another with our gifts and talents. In this way, we have a lively congregation, to accept ordination, to be a teacher or other responsibilities.
In these ways, we can say we follow The Lord.”