Ghana, Nigeria and a South Germany IYC ambassador on arrival Dusseldorf
12 June 2019

The distance between Düsseldorf (Germany) and Lagos (Nigeria) is 6,952.6 km, but with the help of social media and internet technology, the distance was brought down to just 76 centimeters.

Lagos City in Nigeria, experienced an exciting online live program from the New Apostolic Church International Youth Convention in Düsseldorf Germany. A well-organized live Skype conference booth, by NAC South Germany, was setup to link the youth in the satellite districts in West Africa to the ongoing IYC 2019 in Dusseldorf.

A group of twenty (20) youth, each from the various Apostle Areas in Nigeria especially South, East Central, South Central and North; joined over 150 youth in the West Apostle Area to participate at the event which was going on in Germany.

During the live video interaction, the youth from Nigeria were able to interact with those in Dusseldorf by singing, dramatizing as well as questions and answers session about themselves, the Church and happenings at Dusseldorf.

Leveraging on available social media channels, the booth of NAC South Germany shared most of the programs that were going on there; starting with the Ascension divine service, opening ceremony, the five continents shows and the peak of it all, the divine service on Sunday.