A very special welcome by little sister Deborah at the Central church Lagos
16 May 2019

The 12th of May 2019 will be engraved in the hearts of the ten confirmands confirmed by Apostle Oscar Kabanga Nwanza in Lagos District at the Ikeja Central Church.

The Apostle read a text word from John 15:10, “If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love”

In his message, the Apostle told the congregation and especially the confirmands that their obedience to our Lord Jesus should be as a result of faith and love for Him.

He further said that once children reach adolescence, they want independence, seek to take their own decisions and ‘obedience’ becomes a word that they do not want to hear any more.

He told the congregation that it was now the Apostles’ mission to teach all the commandments of Jesus Christ to the brethren, so that their faith can be strengthened, and with this, obedience could be born out of faith and love.

The Ten Commandments, faith, access to salvation, discipleship and love of our neighbor were the five commandments that the Apostle asked the brethren to observe.  He told everyone present, especially the confirmands, to keep these commandments just like our Lord Jesus Christ kept His Father’s commandments.  He also told the confirmands to use these commandments as a guide so as to keep their confirmation vow, and to act responsibly.