District Apostle being welcomed by a Sunday school child at Massaka
29 March 2019

From the 22nd to 24th of March 2019, District Apostle Michael Ehrich, accompanied by his wife, arrived in the northern part of Nigeria for a three days’ visit. He was received by Lead Apostles Volker Kuhnle and Geoffrey Nwogu.

There was so much joy already about the visit as the District Apostle was to conduct a divine service in Masaka congregation in Nasarawa state, convene a meeting of all Apostles and Bishops in Nigeria, attend a concert at the Central Church Abuja and finally officiate a festive divine service as well as 25th anniversary marriage blessing of Lead Apostle Nwogu and wife in the Abuja Central Church.

At 11.30 am, the District Apostle, Lead Apostles Kuhnle and Nwogu, together with Apostles Rotimi (responsible for the Northern part of the country) and Nwanza arrived at Masaka congregation for the first divine service.  

At Massaka, the District Apostle read a Bible Text from John 15:10, “If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father's commandments and abide in His love”

In his message the District Apostle said our obedience to Jesus ought to result from our faith and love for Him. He said as childhood is left behind, young people aspire to be independent and free to make their own choices. They do not appreciate being told about obedience.  Yet, it is the task of the Apostles, as Jesus commissioned them, to teach us to keep His commandments.  

He added that the Apostles do not do so by threatening us with punishment or by promising us a reward, or by appealing to our common sense.  However, it is in building us up in the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ that the apostolate teaches us to obey.

Lead Apostles Kuhnle and Apostle Nwanza were called to assist. 160 members were in attendance.

On Saturday the 23rd of March, the District Apostle conducted an Apostles’ and Bishops’ meeting after which all Apostles, Bishop’s and their wives joined the District Apostle for a tour of the Abuja city.

After the sightseeing, the District Apostle and his entourage attended a concert in the Central Church Abuja where the mixed choir, children’s choir and some soloists performed to the delight of all present.