Retired Apostle Emmanuel I. Hagher
12 February 2019

Apostle Hagher was baptized and sealed in 1981 by Apostle Gunter Knodloch in Altona-Hamburg congregation in Germany. On returning to Nigeria in 1982, he became a member of the Surulere congregation.

As a senior military officer, and a devoted enthusiastic servant of God, Apostle Hagher was called into the ministry in 1984 and served in the Lord’s vineyard for 37 years.

Apostle Hagher received his ministry as follows:
* Deacon:  12/11/ 1984 by Apostle Gunter Beck
* Priest:    21/11/1985 by Apostle Schneider Herbert
* Evangelist:  07/12/1986 by District Apostle Klaus, Saur
* Shepherd:  06/12/ 1987 by District Apostle Klaus, Saur
* District Evangelist: 13/02/1987 by District Apostle Klaus, Saur
* Bishop:  18/11/ 2008 by Chief Apostle William Leber
* Apostle: 19/02/2013 by Chief Apostle Helper Jean Luc Schneider
* Retirement: 27/01/2019 by Chief Apostle Jean Luc Schneider