Apostle Usoro with Ibesikpo congregation on Christmas day
29 December 2018

On the 25th of December, Christmas day, all members in various areas assembled in their congregations to celebrate the Christmas divine services with their rectors, district ministers and some enjoyed the presence of an Apostle.

In Benin South of Nigeria, Apostle Odili served the brethren with a text word from the gospel according to Luke 2: 10-12.

In his message, he told the brethren to praise and proclaim the love of God in word and deed by loving their neighbours.  He told them that the gift of Jesus Christ to us is a demonstration of God’s love for mankind.

He added that the image of the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger is a sign of God’s love. Jesus in swaddling clothes signifies parental and motherly love, protection, and care for her child. This the Lord did for us by covering our nakedness.
The sign of the manger symbolizes that our Lord Jesus is approachable, accessible, and available. For the love He has for mankind there is no barrier in reaching Him—one goes to Christ without any obstacle. The church, out of love and gratitude to God's grace, must care and protect her members.

In South East Nigeria, Apostle Usoro attended Christmas service at his home congregation, Ibesikpo Ikot Udoibia with his family. Based on the same text word, Luke 2: 10-12, he asked the children of God to use Christmas and proclaim and praise the love of God in all their endeavors.  After the divine service, Apostle Usoro took time to have fellowship with all the members

The Satellite congregation in Lagos, West Nigeria, enjoyed the presence of Apostle Hagher with his entire family. He conducted a service based on the same text word were he went on to tell the members the sign of the manger, cross and church.  

At the Central Church Lagos, West Nigeria, the brethren were also in a celebratory mood as they took their time to have fellowship and presented gifts to each other.

In Jos, Plateau state North Nigeria, the brethren in Jos Central church celebrated a peaceful Christmas with dramas and recitations after a divine service conducted by their rector. The occasion was the first time in almost 10 years as it is one of the most dangerous regions to live during Christmas.