Members during the divine service at Yobo
18 October 2018

Lead Apostle Nwogu visited the small town of Yobo in the Ogun State (West Nigeria) for a festive divine service with the Yobo congregation (under Abeokuta District). This was part of a two-day visit to the district from the 15th to 16th September 2018. He was accompanied by the responsible Apostle in charge of the area, Apostle Hagher, Bishop Isaak Adelabu and the District Elder Matthew Adenekan.

The members expressed their happiness to have the Lead Apostle worshipping with them, being only his second visit to the congregation.  

The text word for the service was taken from John 4:34 (NKJV), ‘Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work”.'

The Lead Apostle admonished the congregation to be an example of Jesus Christ. This, he added, is achievable through our love to serve Him and to fulfill His commandments. We do His will, when we do not allow the earthly things to take away the spiritual blessings He has granted us in His words and sacraments.

The Lead Apostle also reminded the brethren that doing the will of God, does not mean we will be exempted from trials, afflictions and challenges of this world. However, our Lord Jesus has granted us the grace to overcome the workings of the evil one.

The service was blessed with the ordination of one Priest and two Deacons as well as the baptism and Holy Sealing of a baby and two other children. Eighty-seven (87) members were in attendance.

Before the divine service at Yobo, the Lead Apostle had conducted a meeting with all ministers in the district as well as a divine service in Abeokuta, the district headquarters. There, a Priest and two Deacons were ordained.