Lead Apostle Nwogu center, Apostle Odili first from right with South Area district ministers after the meeting
23 June 2018

The commission to prepare the bride of Christ took the Lead Apostle Nwogu Geoffrey to South Area from 7th- 11th of June, 2018.

He held a meeting with the District Ministers of the Area on Friday where he admonished them to hold fast to what they have (Rev.2:25); to hold on to the Triune God, the Gospel of Christ, the Church, their faith, hope, love, their ministry, grace, and joy of God.
After the meeting with the district ministers, he proceeded to Iguiye Congregation in Benin North District where he admonished brothers and sisters to live their life of faith in a way that people around them will described them in accordance with the new life in Christ not in accordance with their old life in flesh (2Cor.5:16,17).   

On Saturday, he travelled to Warri South where he served the brothers and Sisters in Agbarho and Oha Congregations. He admonished them to serve God sincerely and faithfully because God reveals His secret to only those who are loyal and steadfast in Him (Dan.2:19,20).

He concluded his visit on Sunday with a divine service in Warri North where he served the brothers and sisters at Adeje and Oviri Court Congregations. He admonished them to offer praise that gives glory and honour to God. He reminded them of the importance of conducting themselves aright.
The Area Apostle- Odili Goddey- accompanied the Lead Apostle throughout the meeting and divine services.

The Area was blessed during the visit with five Shepherds, one Community Evangelist, nine Priests, and six Deacons.  Also, four souls were sealed.