Lead Apostle Nwogu being welcomed by Sunday school children at Odo Ona congrgation in Ibadan, West Nigeria
23 May 2018

20th of May 2018 was a joyous Pentecost divine service when our beloved Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu served the children of God at Odo-Ona congregation, District: Ibadan.  
He was accompanied by Apostle Hagher and Bishop Adelabu both from Western working area, Nigeria.

The Lead Apostle enumerated the significance of Pentecost which is the outpouring of the Holy spirit on the Apostles of Jesus Christ and the spiritual birthday of the church of Christ. The joy of Jesus return is therefore established and confirmed at Pentecost.

The congregation was strengthened by the apostle by referring them to the confirmation of the promised made by Jesus Christ to send the Holy Spirit to His Apostles by God. They received power from above as promised and they were speaking in different tongues and everyone could hear their language.

He reiterated that those who have received the seal of the holy spirit belong to God and thereafter become children of God. The Holy sealing gave us the assurance that our redemption cannot be eroded by any external influence or any other negative circumstances permitted by God, or the weaknesses from minister in the   administration of sacraments and proclamation of the words of God or exposure to constant attack of the evil one.

By receiving the Holy spirit, the love of God was poured into our heart. He also promised us an inheritance and the pledge of eternal life. Let us strives heard to jealously guide our anointed to the glory and praise our Lord Jesus, that our call to proclaim the imminent promised of Christ return and demonstrates our love of serving Him and His father to the nooks and crannies of our environment to others.

The above notwithstanding, let us testify the activities of the present-day Apostles towards the fulfilment of the promised.

He later admonished the congregants to keep their promised by combating evil with God's power of doing good at all time, render our selfless service to God and allow ourselves to be properly nourished by God and reposed our unadulterated trust in Him.