Apostle Odili (right) during the Easter Service
4 April 2018

“We testify resurrection and gospel of Jesus to all people.”
This was the message on Easter Sunday, 1st April 2018, in many congregations in Nigeria.  

In Benin City South Nigeria, It was also the conclusion of a three-day Easter retreat by two Districts (Benin North and Benin South). The Easter Retreat started with Good Friday Service.  On Saturday, there were Bible quiz, Bible recitations, Seminars, choir ministrations, cultural displays, talk shows, and a lot more.

On the Easter Sunday, Apostle Odili admonished brethren from Acts 10:40-42. In his message, he told Brothers and Sisters to do the wish of our lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming the resurrection to all people and to spread the gospel all around the world through words and deeds.

The passion week in Lagos and Benin was met with the visit of our brothers from South Germany (Priest Stephan, Deacon Tony and Brother Johannes) who have been holidaying in the country.  

In the service in Benin City, Priest Stephan was called to read the Easter bible reading message “Luke 24:1-12” to the joy of all the congregation. A total of 340 members attended this divine service.

In the South East, Apostle Samuel Usoro told the brethren that Christ reveals himself to those who believe in his resurrection. 

18 confirmands were confirmed by apostle Usoro in this divine service which was attended by 545 members.