Lead Apostle Nwogu At Etsako congregation in Fugar district
3 March 2018

Just like the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, palms trees were used to welcome Jesus.
Our District Apostle is expected to visit the 2 ancient cities of Benin and Badagry in South and west of Nigeria respectively during palms Sunday.

These cities are well known for their high production of palm trees. NIFOR “Nigeria Institute for Oil Palms Research” is located in these 2 cities.  The district apostle is expected to walk and serve under palm trees in his next visit to Nigeria. This visit spontaneously seems to have been well planned.  Palm Sunday under palm trees.

In preparation for this coming visit, the Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu visited the ancient city of Benin from 14 to 19 of February 2018 to see for himself what the members are doing concerning this visit.  He was pleased with the choir and Sunday school presentations during the divine services he conducted.

Apostle Hagher of West visited the city of Badagry in Lagos on the 25th of February 2018, the second destination for district apostle. Here, he conducted the divine service in Bethrome congregation which is the location where the district apostle will serve.   Members were so happy and ready to make all kind of sacrifices for the Palm Sunday.

The Apostle read to them the text word from psalms 65:1-4 and asked them to trust in the goodness of God both here on earth and in the beyond…  Badagry being a city where many slaves were transported to the Americas saw many slaves died because of the difficult conditions they were exposed too.  He urged the members to remember the departed souls and pray to God for their salvation.