Apostle Hagher arrival at the central church Ikeja for the first divine service of the year 2018
17 January 2018

This was the message that ministers in Nigeria took to all the congregations on the first Sunday of 2018.

In South South, Apostle Odili told the members that, it is unarguable that God is faithful. His faithfulness is demonstrated in his unchanging love for mankind despite mankind's short- comings and failures. God kept His promise and always wanting to serve mankind without reservations even when mankind rejects His services.

Brothers and Sisters were admonished to remain faithful to Christ because God's faithfulness is upon those who are faithful to Him.

Faithfulness of children and servants of God is demonstrated when one follows Jesus' example and teachings; love God, His work, and our neighbors despite their weaknesses; serve faithfully with our gifts and talents and treasure whether small or big, and make good effort to keep our promises/vows made at different and various stages of childhood in God.

In The West, Apostle Emmanuel Hagher told the members to hold on unto the 4 points of the motto (following our lord example, loving our neighbors even in difficult times, keeping our vows and promises and wanting to serve in the house of God with trust and love for our master Jesus.