Apostle Nwogu was asked to make the opening prayer for the commencement of the concert by the District Apostle
15 December 2017

The most obvious connection between language and music is that music can be used to help us remember words. It has been convincingly shown that words are better recalled when they are learned as a song rather than speech - in particular conditions.

During District Apostle Michael Ehrich’s visit to Nigeria, a concert was organized in Lagos on Saturday 9th of December 2017 on the eve of the first ever live broadcast of a New Apostolic church divine service in Nigeria.

The youth and children’s choir perform in different languages beginning with English, German, Bemba (Zambia), Swahili, Lingala and Tshiluba (D. R. Congo), Yoruba and Igbo (Nigeria).

The greatest surprise of the children’s choir was that, the district apostle asked them if they could help him translate in the coming live coverage of the divine service from German to English since they could sing a sentence in German language ("O Tannenbaum") during their rendition.

The District Apostle went on to explain the sentence “O Tannenbaum” to the children and they were amazed to know that it meant “O Christmas tree”