Apostle Hagher at the altar in Majidun congregation during the Youth Service
10 November 2017

On Saturday, 4th November 2017, a day before the service for the departed, all ministers and youths in Lagos District, West Nigeria attended a youth divine service in Majidun congregation after a special visit to the gravesites of some late servants of God; District Elder Oladale Taiwo, District Evangelist Johson Olowosusi and Shepherd Oyeniran.

The Apostle read a text word from  1 Timothy 6: 9-10 “But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare,…”.  

The Apostle admonished the youth that” the love of money is an obstacle on our way to a fulfilled life”.  He told the youth that greed and love of money is sin.  They violate the commandment of “love our neighbor”.  At the end of the youth service, the apostle called on all the youths to use their experience during the visitation to the late ministers tombs and pray for the many souls in need of salvation on the coming divine service for the departed…

The youths were so happy to know about the late servants of God and promised to immortalize their work in the district.