Lead Apostle Nwogu, Apostle Hagher, Bishop Adelabu together with ministers after the service
7 October 2017

Friday 15th to Tuesday 19th of September, Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu visited West Nigeria.

During his visit, he held a meeting on Friday morning with Apostle I. Hagher, Bishop I. Adelabu and District Elder Kabanga Nwanza in the Lagos Administration Office.  The meeting was in preparation for the upcoming live broadcast or transmission of divine service to be conducted by District Apostle M. Ehrich in December at Ikeja Central Church Lagos.

After the meeting, the Lead Apostle went on to meet the District Ministers of West Nigeria in Apostle Hagher’s working area.  In this meeting, the Lead Apostle read a text word from 2nd Timothy 4: 1- 5. He addressed the District Ministers with the words; there was need for ministers of God to come together from time to time to strengthen themselves and get the right measure which enables them to prepare the brethren for the return of Christ.  He admonished the ministers using the story of the three talents saying that; many of the ministers working today may not receive thank you message from the Lead Apostle, Apostle or Bishop, but they should remember on that day when the Lord shall come, they will receive their reward from God.

Subsequently, the Lead Apostle said: There is need for all of us to give account of what has been entrusted to us.  Let us not do like the servant who hide the talent in the soil because there would not be a reward for him.  He went on to tell the ministers to preach the gospel in season and out of season saying that planned and unplanned work of God should complement each other for the completion of the great work of salvation.  We should not rely only on the already established activities in the church but use each opportunity and tell the people about our mission.

After the meeting with the District Ministers, some ministers from Lagos and Lagos Island joined in the divine service conducted by the Lead Apostle in the Ikeja Central Church where one shepherd and two community evangelists were retired and seven community evangelists were ordained.  Six were ordained for Lagos district and one was ordained for Lagos Island district.

On Saturday the 16th, the Lead Apostle Nwogu, Apostle Hagher and Bishop Adelabu travelled to the ancient and traditional Town of the Yoruba Kingdom in West Nigeria (Ile Ife) where he conducted three divine services between Saturday and Sunday.