Apostle Hagher in the outdoor sacristy with ministers before the youth divine service at Ilaro
28 August 2017

The 2017 youth convention at Ilaro, Ogun state was indeed a great and memorable experience for the youths in the western part of Nigeria. The youths converged on the gateway multipurpose hall From Friday the 18th to Sunday 20th August 2017. The theme of the youth day was: “speak the language of your neighbor” Chief Apostle message on Pentecost 2017.

Friday evening was meant for the youths to praise and worship God in songs, anthems and hymns.  On Saturday, the youths started the program by giving fifty languages that can be spoken to their neighbors some of which includes language of love, kindness, peace, patience, faith, cheerful giving... after some speeches and pieces of advice giving by  apostle, bishop, district ministers and the interactive session on euthanasia, they proceeded outside for sport activities. The evening was filled with classical music, praise and thanks giving to God.

For the divine service, conducted by the Apostle, a text word from Galatians 5: 13-14 ”called to liberty” was used.  The youths had to learn from the story of the prodigal child in the bible.  Knowing that we have been granted liberty of course but we can only act according to how Christ has commissioned us. This should not raise fear in us, making us feel we are prisoners to God's words because it is not true. There's no freedom better than the freedom in the way of God.  In accordance to this word, we are admonished to stay out of worldly things and embrace only the things of Christ. Things of the world are enticing and may seem like total freedom but in the actual sense, one becomes a slave to the world.

In conclusion, nobody is really free in this world except in Christ. Freedom in Jesus Christ is the best and the best direction to follow. We have to seek liberty in the Lord Jesus because our lives are beautiful and delicate.  A call to liberty in Christ.