Rtd District Elder (R) Omeh with Apostle Nwogu(L) and Rtd District Elder Adeyemi  on their retirement day by District Apostle Ehrich in Majidun
26 July 2017

Retired since 2nd April 2017 by District Apostle M. Ehrich in Majidun Congregation with no more than one quarter of his members in attendance, the Lagos district decided to organize a program which could enable the retired district elder to see all his members in the district and bid them farewell.  The district elder served the district for over 14 years.

A rousing sendoff ceremony for District Elder Ezekiel Omeh Retired was held on Sunday, July 16, 2017 in Ikeja Central Church, Lagos, immediately after the live transmission divine service of district apostle Michael Ehrich in Munich, Germany.

The highly anticipated event took place at about 12noon.  Children, youths, sisters, brothers, friends, families and ministers gave renditions to God in honour of the district Elder’s good works and labour of love.  He was given pleasantries, encomium, speeches, poems, singing and well wishes as he moved on with his life of faith after retirement.

Among the presentations, the youth ended their speech by giving the retired servant of God 37 “GBOSAS” (super claps).  The Sunday school children wrapped their comments in an envelope among which 2 were read by district elder Oscar Kabanga to the audience with these sentences:  “since I was born, I have known him as a district elder and his preaching has increased my knowledge about God”. 14 year old confirmation class boy”.  “Our district elder is a very lively servant of God; we are going to miss him in our congregation” 13 year old Sunday school boy.

The retired District Elder was born on the 27th November 1949,
Baptized on the 12th Of March 1980 at Surulere congregation by late rtd
District Apostle Klaus Saur.
Ordained a Deacon on the 15th of August 1982,
Priest on the 28th of November 1983,
Community Evangelist on the 12th of November 1984,
Shepherd on the 7th November 1986,
District Evangelist on the 1st of May 1999 by late rtd Chief Apostle Richard Fehr and
District Elder on the 19th of January 2003 by Apostle Volker Kuhnle .

The members thanked God for their district elder and appreciated his 37 years of service in the house of God.