District Apostle live in Ikeja Central Church
18 July 2017

Munich festive Divine Service, live in Nigeria

The live transmission of District Apostle’s divine service in Munich on the 16th of July 2017 was well viewed and attended in our special broadcast centers in Nigeria. In Lagos it was a combined service which had in attendance, Apostle Hagher and Bishop Adelabu.  In Benin City, all members gathered in Upper Sakponba Congregation and Apostle Goddey Odili was in attendance.
As usual, the transmission was very smooth except at 9:24 and 9:30 where we had a short break, but the entire transmission was excellent. A total of three hundred members attended the live transmission service in Ikeja central church Lagos.
The District Apostle took a text word from the book of Ephesians 4:3 “endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace”.   
The District Apostle went on to explain that the Church is the body Of Christ. We should preserve our unity in the Holy Spirit and the bond of peace despite our differences and diversity.

“Let's experience the Divine Service with renewed hope and trust in God. Let's remain faithful and focus on the return of Jesus Christ.”

"Peace keeps us and strife destroys us” Let us make peace every day of our lives and follow the examples of Jesus Christ.”
3 Apostles were called to assist the District Apostle during the service.  Dieter Prause from Nurnberg, Herbert  Bansbach from Karlsruhe and Volker Kuhnle from Nurtingen.  The District Apostle, ordained 2 ministers in this divine service: A Bishop and a District Elder.