District Apostle M. Ehrich with Apostle rtd Kenneth Ibekwe and Apostle G. Nwogu before his retirement in Owerri
1 June 2017

It was a joyful moment in Sapele Congregation in Sapele District when the ministers, brothers, sisters, and Rtd ministers gather together to honour Apostle rtd Kenneth Ibekwe. The ceremony also coincides with his 27th anniversary as an Apostle. After Lagos, Sapele Congregation was the second congregation Apostle rtd Kenneth Ibekwe served as a Rector and it was from Sapele Congregation he was transferred to Owerri where he later became the first Nigerian Apostle of the New Apostolic Church of Southern Germany in Nigeria. He served as a minister in God's vineyard for 42 years of which 27 years as an Apostle. He was retired on 30th, March, 2017 by District Apostle Michael Ehrich.

When Sapele Congregation heard of his retirement, she pleaded through her Apostle to Apostle rtd Kenneth Ibekwe to come to Sapele for special and a deserved send-forth ceremony for her first Rector and Apostle.
A text was taken from Phi.1:6 to admonish everyone present by the working area Apostle (Odili Goddey).

Apostle rtd Kenneth Ibekwe thanked the brothers and sisters for honouring him and admonished all active minsters to work hard and through God's grace and wisdom never to let the vineyard work stop but to improve the work.
Apostle rtd Felix Brandy Emanerame was also present. Goodwill messages were given by different ministers-both active and retired.