Apostle Nwogu at the central church Abuja's Altar
16 May 2017

"Fear not, I will help you," What a word of assurance from our Heavenly Father taken from the text words (Isaiah 41: 13-14) used by Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu on Sunday 19th March, 2017 to serve the Children of God at Central Church, Abuja. These striking words from the Bible help to remove fear from the hearts of Children of God.

Looking at the situation of things and condition of life in our own time, particularly in Nigeria and mostly in the Northern States where activities of certain religious group and the Fulani herdsmen continue to take the life of innocent souls all over the Country.
For this, fear of insecurity calls for serious concern, I will help you; Children of God can do nothing without God’s help. So, our help is assured as long as we believe, trust and depend wholly on him. Fear enslaves and takes ones freedom but with the help of God, one remains in freedom of salvation through Jesus Christ. That is why we want to remain steadfast and be committed by acknowledging ourselves with the motto given to us by our beloved Chief Apostle, 2017; "Glory be to God our Father". In doing this, we see his greatness; we thank him and profess his work. Hence we remain fearless and depend on his help in all aspects of our life.