Apostle Odili and members in New Benin City congregation 31st Dec 2016
3 January 2017

To mark the end of the year 2016, Apostle Goddey Odili of South Area conducted three divine services on the 31st of December 2016.  He visited the congregations of Ihinmwinrin, Upper Sakponba and New Benin. In a glorious and blessed divine service to mark the end of the year service, the Apostle read a text word from 2 Timothy 4:7.  In all the divine services, he asks the members to celebrate our victory in Jesus Christ and give him honour and praise.  He also told the brethren to stock of our race in 2016 so as to prepare themselves  such that in 2017 all we do will greatly and gloriously bring glory to God, our father. He was accompanied by District Elder Samuel Airhienbuwa.
During the New Year divine service the Apostle returned back to Ihinmwinrin congregation on Sunday 1st of January 2017 to celebrate the New Year with them. He read a text word from Philippians 4:20 “Glory be to God, Our Father”, this is the motto and message for the year 2017. Apostle Odili used the above motto and message to tell the members to work and put themselves to the service of God this year. He told the members that all works and services render this year must bring glory and honour to God. In other words, we must not take glory to ourselves but to God. Our Chief Apostle asks us to praise and worship God, to thank him for his gifts and glorify his name thus this year motto “Glory be to God, our Father
In Mid East Nigeria, Apostle Chima Ibekwe served in Owoelu congregation in Obingwa district. He admonished all members to accep this great message and work towards our goal, which is the day of the lord, and he told the brethren that the lord will come soon.