District Evangelist Felix presenting a topic while ap Nwogu, District Elder Oehler and chief tutors are showing so much interest during the workshops in Lagos.
7 December 2016

The Ikeja Central church in Lagos was once again engaged with so many activities as all the apostles, bishops and their chief tutors were attending a seminar workshop conducted by District Elder Wolfgang Oehler from South Germany. During the seminars, there were so many presentations made and all were followed with wonderful role play and illustrations among the participants.
On Sunday the 4th of December 2016, Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu conducted a divine service in The Ikeja central church with all the apostles, bishops and the chief tutors in attendance.  He read a text word from the book of revelations 22:12 “and behold, I am coming quickly, and my reward is with me, to give to everyone according to his work “
The Apostle started his sermon by appreciating the total silence in the congregation.  While elaborating on the text word, the apostle told the members about the sentence “I am coming quickly”; he told the congregation that this promise of Jesus was said over two thousand years ago, what can be in the mind of the people who have been waiting for this call, he told the congregation that one thousand years may just be like an evening to God and an evening may be just like one thousand years... he asks the brethrens to continue steadfastly in prayers, fellowship and breaking of bread.  He also asks the brethren to rejoice in offering, to appreciate the lord doing for he has given us brothers and sisters, bearer of blessing...  
We confess the lord Jesus in thought and indeed.  While talking about the reward he reminded the brethren of eternal life and the eternal fellowship with him in heaven and the promise of them being the pillars in his father’s house...  concerning our work, he asked all members to remember their commission as missionaries and told them to remember the parable of Jesus in the gospel according to Matthew 20: 1- 16 “the land owner and his labourers... to assist him, he called on Apostle Ekpenyong of Uyo, Apostle Rotimi from Abuja, Apostle Ibekwe Kenneth from Owerri and District Elder Wolfgang Oehler from South Germany.
Apostle Ekpenyong told the congregation not to be distracted by the delay in his coming with a wonderful story of Mary and John... he asks the members to be patient and not to give up to pressures... he told the brethren that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us and he is coming to take us home ... we should wait for him and not disappoint...
Apostle Rotimi went on to advice the brethren that we must complete our work because half job does not have a reward.
Apostle Kenneth Ibekwe asked the brethren to continue to assist in the work and gave the example of the three talents.  He said if we assist in the work, surely we will have our reward.
District Elder Wolfgang Oehler in his turn asked the members to sacrifice more of their time in knowing the will of God; He emphasised on this with the story of a German soldier who missed his train because of hunger.  He told the brethren that in this time where internet is the main focus of the day, people use most of their time on facebook, whatsApp, instagram etc and they are gradually forgetting to read the bible which can help us to know more about the kingdom of God and the reward we shall gain if we remain faithful.  
After the divine service, Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu held a seminar and a meeting with all the apostles and bishops while district elder Oehler travelled to Cameroun.