Apostle Hagher during the meeting with ministers in the central church Lagos
22 November 2016

Saturday and Sunday 19th and 20th of November were a very busy weekend for ministers in Lagos district.  Apostle Hagher had already called for a meeting of all ministers from deacon to the district elder.  The meeting was to brief the ministers of the divine service conducted by the district apostle in Abuja, giving feedback on activities conducted throughout the year and planning for the year to come . . . in the meeting, he told the ministers how the sermon on the mount covers everything that a minister should know about our conduct in divine services, in prayers, in family, visitation, in testifying, in evangelism, in preaching, in our conducts towards our neighbour... a very comprehensive report of all the activities conducted in the district were listed and a better approach to activities were explained to help ministers to do well in their various congregations.  At the end of the meeting which lasted for the whole day, the apostle use the opportunity to give to each minister a copy of the catechism (question and answer version) and the word of life a ministers guide  for conducting of divine services.   The ministers had to come back again on Sunday the next day for a combine divine service to commemorate the end of year’s activities and after the divine service, a fellowship for all the members in form of a bazaar was organised to enable members in different congregation to know each other well.