Apostle Kühnle saying good bye to members in Abuja
10 November 2016

During the service in Abuja, our District Apostle used the opportunity to thank the two men of God hitherto Apostle Volker Kühnle and Bishop Ebrhard Koch for their tremendous work accomplished in the country. Apostle Kühnle first visited Nigeria in 1999, he was then sent by the late retired District Apostle Klaus Saur, during this period he was working at the side of late retired Apostle Gunter Beck in order to prepare for hand-over.  And as from January of year 2000, he took full responsibility of the work of God in Nigeria. By January 2016 Apostle Volker Kühnle had already completed 17 years as lead apostle in Nigeria, visiting all the districts in the country even upon the unrest, insurgency and militants in the Niger Delta, when some of us were even afraid to get in the Niger delta Apostle Kuhnle visited the place at the peak of kidnapping and killings. He engineered so many programs from church seminars to change in administration, soul care, reformation in music and so on... all these were possible because he engaged his bishop from Germany Eberhard Koch who as a professional teacher made so many input in the seminars work in Nigeria. It was indeed a wonderful time to see the two men of God greeting the congregation and saying good bye to so many brethren and co-workers in the vine yard of the lord.
We will always remain united with him in spirit knowing very well that children of God never ever meet for the last time!