1 October 2016

A window, wider then a door
We often experience God’s protection in our every day life, but there are special moments where Godly power and protection is made manifest in a special way. Such was my experience on Saturday 17th September 2016. I was driving on the popular Ibom airport road to a small congregation on the outskirts of Uyo, where I was assisting in building a church for the congregation. In order to arrive punctually, I was driving at high speed when suddenly I noticed that the steering wheel of the car was no longer functioning properly and that I had no control over the wheels. In the car with me was my older brother (he is a Deacon) and a friend who offered to assist us. My brother noticed that something was wrong and asked: `What is the matter?´ I had no answer other than to say: `There is no problem, trust in God.´ Seconds later, the car collided with an electric pole and somersaulted. We were trapped inside the car. My brother said that he is fine and that I should free myself from the safety belt. All the doors were locked but one window had a small opening. We squeezed our way through the opening without injury.  Minutes later, I realized that my cell phone and other important items were still in the car. I returned to the car to fetch them but the window opening was so small, I could not fit through it and could not imagine how we managed to get through it.
This experience solidified my faith and trust in God, that a small Godly window, wider than a door is what I needed. Trusting in God is the key to our faith through which we will gain the victory with Christ.