The central church
29 August 2016

The festive divine service to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Ikeja
Central Church in Nigeria was conducted by Apostle Emmanuel Hager with the
Lagos District ministers and other ministers in Lagos district.
Amidst heavy down pour of rain, members made their way to the special divine service.
The text word for the divine service was taken from the book of 1 Corinthians
13:11 as given to us by our Chief Apostle through the living Apostle of Jesus
Christ. It reads: ”When I was a Child, I spoke as a Child, I understood as a Child, I thought as a Child; but when I became a Man, I put away Childish things”
The theme of the divine service was: Ripening in faith.
Our beloved Apostle admonished the congregation to put aside everything that bothers them and believe in Jesus Christ our Redeemer. We should remain steadfast, for God to take us to the kingdom he has prepared for us.
We have a living faith. Let us address every situation of our life through our unshakable faith in God.
Addressing the congregation on the theme of the divine service, Apostle Hagher gave analogy of the stages of life as humans.
We behave like babies when we are much younger but as Adults, some level of good behaviour is also expected. A well behaved Child gets commendation and good reward.
The centre of the sermon today, is not on our historical past as Children but it establishes the need for us to examine our spiritual lives when we became children of God as New Apostolic Christians. We have been baptised and Sealed by a living Apostle of Jesus Christ. Thereafter, how do we live our lives in our congregations and in our daily lives? Do we remain as a child in our faith or we are now matured in our spiritual lives?
Let us be steadfast and focus in the future and the return of Christ.
We should not come to God primarily because of our earthly desires or only when we are in trouble or in need. When God grants our desires we turn our backs on Him. Let us come to God because of the salvation of our soul and our expectations on the return of Jesus Christ and our inheritance in the Kingdom of God. It is written in the book of revelation: ‘Behold I come quickly and my reward is with me, to give to everyone according to His work’.
Apostle told the congregation to embrace the way of the lord and put their trust in God only. We should grow up and yield good fruits for our Lord Jesus Christ in our behaviours and the manner we do things.
He asked the congregation the question of our Chief Apostle: Are we grown yet? He told the congregation never to run after strange doctrines or gods that comes across their way. (Eph 4:14).
We should not allow anything to take us way from God. Not even the things we like most, as this may become some sort of gods that derail us from achieving the goal of our faith. He admonished the congregation to grow and become ripe,
So that when Jesus comes, He will harvest us and take us home to the glorious kingdom he has prepared for us.
Apostle Hager called on District Elder Omeh and Sephered Abebe to serve along in the divine service.
Our beloved Apostle gave God thanks for the twentieth anniversary of Ikeja central church. He encouraged members of the Congregation to remain faithful till the end and join in the expansion of God’s work and reaching out to the lost souls.
Ikeja Central Church was built and dedicated 20 years ago (July 1996) by our late District Apostle Klaus Saur, in blessed memory.
Approximately two hundred and fifty (250) members and guest attended the divine service.
Two (2) Deacons and a Priest was ordained in the divine service, two (2) souls were baptised and seven (7) Souls sealed by the living Apostle of Jesus Christ.
After the divine service, the coordinator of the anniversary program, District Evangelist Kabanga took the congegation through various activities to mark the anniversary. Video clips on the dedication event and service held twenty years ago were viewed.
Accolades were given to Our retired Apostle Peter Gfeller, who saw to the success of the church building project in his time as the Apostle in charge of Lagos District.
The host congregation –Ikeja Congregation, gave wonderful presentations; Drama presentation, special songs, awards to deserving ministers, members and congregations. The climax of the event was the cutting of the anniversary cake to mark the memorable event. It was a wonderful time in God’s Presence.