Playing worship songs after the service
22 August 2016

The members of Surulere Congregation, Lagos District Nigeria, were blessed to have the young talented musicians who have been at Ikeja Central Church Music camp for couple of weeks now, to worship at the mother Congregation – the cradle of New Apostolic Church in Nigeria. The divine service was conducted by Apostle Emmanuel Hagher, in company of the district ministers of Lagos district: District Elder Omeh, District Evangelist Edobor and District Evangelist Kabanga who is also the co-ordinator of the music camp. The text word for the divine service was read from the book of Psalm 118: 25 “Save now, I pray, O Lord: O Lord, I pray, send now prosperity” The divine service centred on God’s help. Our beloved Apostle’s ministration is summarized below: We have a helper that is always with us, God almighty. God grants us salvation. He will bless us. The prosperity being mentioned here is not as the world prospers, but it has to do with the prosperity of the Kingdom of God. We need to prosper in our faith and in God’s work. We need to ask God for help. How do we call upon the Lord? Through our offerings and sincere prayers from our heart. God is always ready to help when we call on His holy name. God’s Children who believe in God will not be put to shame. Don’t think of what you shall eat or drink tomorrow. God will take care of our future, if we commit our tomorrow in his hands. The Blessings of God are enormous. The gift of a new day, each time we are awake from Sleep is one of the great blessings of God. Let us continue to follow the footsteps of Jesus So that we will inherent the kingdom of God. Our blessing bearers, District Evangelist Edobor, District Evangelist Kabanga and a visiting Priest from Benin City (Priest Osamuyimen) were called to serve a long in the divine service. It is a memorable divine service. Thanks to God who made this possible.