Apostle G. Nwogu, Apostle Rotimi, Bishop Magaji with the District Ministers
5 July 2016

What a great blessing and joy for us the New Apostolic Church in Nigeria to receive the visit of our beloved Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider in the beginning of the New Year, 2016. During this visit, he conducted a festive Divine Service in our Church Four-Town in Uyo . One of the highlights of the Service is the Ordination of four Apostles. Children of God in Nigeria now have ten Apostles, comprising of nine Apostles working areas and Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu as the Lead Apostle. This led to the fulfillment of the long awaited re-organization of Apostle working areas in Nigeria. This re-organization affected me, Apostle Augustine Rotimi and my former working area ‘’The Northern part of South-west’’ of the Country which was splited into three and merged with South-west, mid-west and the whole Northern part of Nigeria is now my new working area. It was my joy to meet the Ministers, brothers and sisters who are eagerly looking forward for my visit. It was a joyful encounter on Saturday 13th February, 2016 being our first meeting in Abuja the federal capital of Nigeria where I was formerly introduced to all the District leaders of the Northern part of Nigeria by the Lead Apostle in the presence of Bishop Yohanna Magaji. I was given a warm welcome/ reception, followed with prayer and fellowship, thereafter, Apostle Nwogu who was formerly taking care of this area took me through the handing over and taking over. On Sunday, we were served in a festive Divine Service in our Central Church Abuja by Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu with the Text from Genesis 32:26. The Divine Service was concluded with my introduction as their new Apostle, followed by fellowship with our brothers and sisters.