Apostle Volker Kühnle
6 January 2016

The letter of our Chief Apostle “Thoughts concerning forgiveness of sins” to all church ministers worldwide was the subject of the spiritual teaching of the Apostles and Bishops of Nigeria.  In his letter the Chief Apostle opened up a deeper understanding of forgiveness of sins and assigned it the appropriate degree of importance, also on a doctrinal level. Apostle Kühnle explained, that we understand Holy Communion as the central event of the divine service, and the forgiveness of sins as the indispensable prerequisite for this celebration. We believe that Holy Communion is an important means of preparation for the return of the Lord, and that the administration of this sacrament is entrusted to the Apostles.
Our doctrine clearly stresses that the Apostle ministry is indispensable for preparing souls for the return of the Lord because it alone can dispense the sacrament of Holy Sealing (whereby the calling to become a firstling is effected) and that of Holy Communion in all of its.  An intensive discussion about the contents and meaning of the thoughts of our Chief Apostle demonstrated the high interest of the Apostles and Bishops on this very important issue.
Together with Apostle Nwogu Apostle Kühnle conducted a service in Badagry were 8 souls are sealed.
Also the preparation for the visit of our Chief Apostle in January 2016  was discussed. In the evening the youth made a lovely fare well celebration for Apostle Kühnle, whos work in Nigeria shall come to end after 17 years; with effect of January 2016 Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu  shall take over full mission as Lead Apostle in Nigeria.