Able youth after the divine service
11 December 2015

The youth in South west Nigeria have one day of the youth per year, and this comes up in August every year.  The motto of this year youth convention was “ABLE YOUTH” the youth and their leaders come together for 2 days , Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of August 2015 with Apostle E.I Hagher and all the nine district elders and their district evangelists.  They all travelled to Ibadan 120 km away from Lagos the venue of the youth convention.
On Saturday, the youth had group discussions about our faith, workshops and seminars on marriage, games and competitions.  In the competition, they were asked to form as fast as possible the three words making this year’s church motto “Joy” “in” and “Christ” the best pictures were taken and those who rearranged themselves very well to form these words “joy” “in” and “Christ” were rewarded.
The able youth also decided to sponsor the next year’s convention by pledging a good sum towards next year’s event. 
On Sunday the 23rd, it was the peak of all the activities as the youth gather in the auditorium for the divine service to be conducted by apostle E.I Hagher, in the service apostle read a bible text, a passage from Luke 5:5-6 (But Simon answered and said to him...) he told the youth that to believe in Jesus Christ and his word at times surpasses our usual experiences of life, and requires us to act in faith.